Why I like the new Maniac movie better

No, it's not because I have a crush on E. Wood It's going to seem somewhat hypocritical of me to write a lengthy article about why I hate found-on-footage film and then discuss why I enjoy a movie where most everything was filmed in first-person perspective. However, these two film types are used for drastically… Continue reading Why I like the new Maniac movie better


Please stop filming from the hip

"But The Blair Witch Project did it!" One thing that movie buffs and horror-fans like to mention to their less versed friends is that The Blair Witch Project "changed the movie industry." And that's true; however I argue not for the better. While this movie received massive success because of it's different approach to filming, it literally drove people… Continue reading Please stop filming from the hip

Resident Evil 7 and the Demonization of the South

I'm a little late to the party on this one I'm going to be honest, the only Resident Evil game I had played prior to this was the Fifth edition in the game series. If you're familiar with the franchise, you'll probably understand why I stayed away from the series after playing through "Zombie Apartheid… Continue reading Resident Evil 7 and the Demonization of the South